February 15-19: Lake St. Louis IV-  St. Louis, MO
March 4: VPS Winter Fun Show- VPS
April 20-23: UEE Goodtime- Elkhorn, NE
April 29-30: “D” Series- VPS
May 10-14: Maffitt Spring Gathering- Cumming, IA
May 20-21: “D” Series- VPS
May 25-28: Phoenix Memorial Weekend- Omaha, NE
June 7-11: Midstates Summerfest- Mason City, IA
June 13-17: Midstates Summer- Mason City, IA
June 29-July 2: Summer in the Rockies IV- Parker, Co
July 5-9: Summer in the Rockies V- Parker, Co
July 15-16: “D” Series- VPS
July 26-30: Valley Park ”B” Horse Show- VPS
August 2-6: Two Rivers Summer – MLF- Cumming, IA
August 9-13: Two River Summer – MLF- Cumming, IA
August 19-20: “D” Series- VPS
August 31-Sept 3:  End of Summer @ Quail Run-  Elkhorn, NE
September 6-10: Indian Summer @ Quail Run- Elkhorn, NE
September 13-17: Midstates Fall- Mason City, IA
September 23-24:  “D” Series- VPS
October 5-8: Phoenix October- Omaha, NE
October 14-15: “D” Series- VPS

Show Calendar 

2017 Show Calendar